Conversations to Conversions - Deb Krier, The SociaLight
In Conversations to Conversions, Deb shows how to leverage their presence on social media to gain customers and clients and spread their marketing message.
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Small Conversations to Conversions

Marketing businesses with Social Media

Learn how your company can easily reach hundreds—or thousands—of potential clients using the marketing tools social media provides.

Conversations to ConversionsMany business owners and managers think social media is a waste of time, where people just post family photos, funny jokes and what they had for lunch. While this is certainly true for some, social media is a very valuable marketing tool and shouldn’t be overlooked by any business, no matter what size, industry or location.

In Conversations to Conversions, Deb shows businesses how to leverage their presence on social media to gain customers and clients and spread their marketing message.

Topics include:

  • The “EIEIO” strategy for social media success
  • Incorporating existing marketing messages
  • How, what, where and when to post
  • Time-saving measures
  • Dealing with negative comments or posts

Whether you’re brand new to social media or an active user, you’ll learn tips and techniques for successfully using social media to promote your business.

Every company—large or small—marketing products or services will benefit from Conversations to Conversions.

“I attended Deb’s seminar, which was highly engaging and informative. She is an energetic and dynamic speaker with a deep knowledge of her subject, and I came away with many things that will help me improve my web presence.”

~ Brian Braa, Owner, Regenerative Studio

“Many of us wander around wondering what social media tools to use, how to use them, and how much time to spend using them. Wander and wonder no more! Deb Krier will get a novice going in no time with her informative presentations. She is well informed, energetic, and fun, and presents valuable information in a very logical and easy-to-follow way. Novices are not the only folks who benefit – everyone will learn something they can use now to improve their social networking presence and use.”

~ Chris Coon, Vice President National Network Services & CPE, Qwest Communications