LockedOn to LinkedIn - Deb Krier, The SociaLight
Help members of your organization finish-up and power-up their valuable LinkedIn profiles, by scheduling Deb Krier's LockedOn To LinkedIn seminar.
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Small LockedOn to LinkedIn

How to build a high profile Profile

Incomplete and wimpy—and ineffective—Profiles plague LinkedIn.

Help members of your organization finish-up and power-up their valuable business summaries, by scheduling LockedOn To LinkedIn, by Deb Krier, The SociaLight.

LinkedIn profiles involve so much more than simply cutting and pasting in your resume or filling in the blanks with vague and typical answers. This in-depth presentation reveals how to leverage strategic information to establish a strong professional image.

Locked On LinkedInTopics include:

  • The three most important things you need in your Profile
  • Optimizing your information in the various sections
  • Utilizing the Professional Gallery
  • How to connect with others and leverage those connections

Deb shares this information in an easily understood format, so users at all levels can understand it and immediately use it to their professional advantage. Additionally, this program may qualify for Continuing Education credits.

LockedOn To LinkedIn will fill seats quickly, so make sure the venue is large enough to hold an eager crowd that is ready to listen and take notes.

“I attended the LockedOn to LinkedIn seminar given by Deb Krier. It was the most comprehensive seminar on LinkedIn I ever attended. The workbook was easy to follow and was a great tool to use as a reference source. I learned a great deal about LinkedIn that I did not know before. This has allowed me to use LinkedIn more productivity in my business.”

~ Dr. Richard Block

“I recently attended a seminar where Deb spoke. She was exceptionally knowledgeable about using LinkedIn and conveyed this in a most delightful way. She was easy to listen to and the most important thing above all was that I learned from her.”

~ Diane Kunze, CenturyLink