Radio Interview Request - Deb Krier, The SociaLight
Thank you for your interest in appearing on Deb’s radio program, which focuses on social media & its use as a marketing tool. Use this form to contact Deb.
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Small Radio Interview Request

Want to be a Guest?

MHR MicrophoneThank you for your interest in appearing on Deb’s program on Mile Hi Radio. Please keep in mind that Deb’s program focuses on business topics and tools. Please complete the form on this page to start the process.

Deb’s program is broadcast every Monday and Thursday, from 11:00-Noon (Eastern time). Every guest interview lasts the full hour.

Once you submit your request, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted regarding your request. Due to the high number of interview request submissions, unfortunately we cannot accommodate all guests.

NOTE: Every program is pre-recorded via Skype at a date and time mutually convenient for guest and Deb.

Once broadcast, every program is recorded and archived and can be listened to “on demand” at any time. The archive is on this website as well as on iTunes. The recordings are in MP3 format, and can be downloaded for the guest’s use. However, we ask that you not edit the program without prior approval.

We request that you promote your appearance via your social media sites, post on your website, list in your enewsletters, etc. Please “tag” both Deb’s social media sites and the sites for Mile Hi Radio in your posts. Additionally, please connect with us on our sites via your site so we can connect then tag you. You’ll receive an email with the information regarding this several days before your interview is scheduled for broadcast.

While it is acceptable for guests to promote their own products or services during the interview, please note that this program is informational in nature and Deb will direct the interview toward providing information, rather than simply selling a guest’s product or service.

Be sure to click the SUBMIT button once you’ve completed your form.

“It was a delightful experience working with Deb Krier for her Mile High radio program! I’ve had a lot of experience on both sides of the interviewer/interviewee role for the past 40 years. Deb was competent, prompted us to have great ideas to share with the audience, and was a consummate professional in every aspect of our work with her. I would highly recommend you get to know this wonderful lady. Not only will she help you with your work to achieve solid, business goals, but you will get to experience what working with a truly outstanding professional is all about. I highly recommend Deb Krier! (And that is something I can’t say about everyone I’ve worked with over the span of these 40+ years.)”

~ Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE

“Deb was an absolutely amazing host when she had me on her program. A week before, she provided me with all of the details I would need to get the interview started. This allowed me feel confident and calm going into the interview. Deb is such an engaging interviewer that I felt comfortable right away. Deb is incredible at what she does.”

~ Nikki Rausch, Author and Founder of Your Sales Maven

“Deb is an amazing woman. She is everywhere online and knows so much about social media marketing. Her interviewing skills for Mile Hi Radio are fabulous and I always felt completely comfortable when being interviewed. Thumbs up (as they say on Facebook and YouTube).”

~ Phyllis Khare, Co-Founder, Social Media Manager School

“I was thrilled when Deb Krier invited me to be a guest on her Mile Hi Radio show. We spoke about LinkedIn and not only did Deb have great questions to ask, she shared her own wonderful insights. And we had a lot of fun! Deb’s top priority is to keep her audience informed and bring value to those who take time out of their day to tune in. I was honored that she asked me to share my social networking tips with her listeners.”

~ Debra Jason, Author of “Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget”

“Deb is a great radio host. We had a lot of fun on her show and I believe we made a positive difference in helping her listeners learn the importance of bragging in a business savvy manner.”

~ Jeanette Siebly, President, SiebCo, LLC