Social Media Etiquette - Deb Krier, The SociaLight
Social Media Etiquette is filled with advice, best practices, and examples for anyone using social media. It's great for customers or business associates.
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Small Social Media Etiquette

Minding your P’s and Q’s on the keyboard

No one knows more about etiquette than “a deb,” and no one knows more about social media etiquette than Deb Krier.

Social Media EtiquetteShe’s the essential speaker for teaching audiences how to behave in a world where there is no “undo.”

If you want to attract a crowd with a hot social media topic, this is where to start.

Social Media Etiquette is filled with advice, guidance, best practices, and memorable examples for anyone using this global medium. Social Media Etiquette is especially helpful to companies with employees who use social media…

that means EVERY company.

Social Media Etiquette is also an informative program if you’re hosting an event for customers, business associates, or friends.

Topics covered include:

  • The importance of your online reputation
  • The online 8th grader phenomenon
  • The “Grandmother” rule

This content keeps audiences captivated, and involved, so you’ll need to schedule plenty of time after the presentation for the question and answer period. It’s always filled with great questions and comments.

Help your audience “mind their manners” in social media, and schedule a real Deb to teach them Social Media Etiquette.

“Are you or someone you know intimidated or just don’t understand social networks? Let Deb Krier come to your rescue. Simply put, Deb knows her stuff. She can explain in layman’s terms anything and everything you need to know about social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You’ll soon be confidently using these applications to your advantage.”

~ Terry Gross, CEBS

“Deb presented to 26 Peace Scholars from the Middle East and North Africa region. These undergraduate scholars were very familiar with online social media networks, but Deb was able to help them hone these skills in a professional manner to better their entrepreneurial projects and create positive social change in their home countries. Her presentation is straightforward and transcends cultural barriers, giving her audience relevant information and recommendations for improving their online presence. Her willingness to stay connected and help audience members long after the presentation ends demonstrates a strong commitment to her clients.”

~ Joey Ham, Program Coordinator, Seminars & Enrichment Activities, Institute of International Education