Social Securities - Deb Krier, The SociaLight
Social Securities is for financial service companies that are federally regulated, want to use social media AND have employees who want to use social media.
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Small Social Securities

How to use Social Media to market financial services within FINRA and SEC guidelines


Social SecuritiesSocial media is a great addition to any marketing plan. But, it can also be confusing, complicated and for those in the financial services industry, regulated.

Managing compliant communications used to be an easy process. People knew what they could—or couldn’t—communicate, and there was a deliberate and intensive review of materials they could provide to the public.

But social media has changed that. Its real-time, fast-paced structure doesn’t always give an organization the chance to examine, edit, or approve everything that’s said. That’s why it’s critical for financial service advisors to receive training in this important area.

Many companies have simply banned the use of social media…but that’s not really the answer, especially as Social Media is such a powerful marketing tool when properly utilized.

Social Securities is an educational presentation designed to bring awareness and teach realistic and informed social media practices. Featuring up-to-date information from an experienced financial services industry social media professional, Social Securities equips your employees with essential knowledge and confidence in this evolving communication channel.

Deb Krier is a specialist in FINRA and SEC regulations and social media compliance. Her knowledge comes from working in “the trenches” as a manager of corporate communications for the international financial services giant, ING Group (now named Voya).

Deb’s presentation for those in the financial services industry includes:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of current FINRA and SEC social media policies
  • Industry best practices and recommendations to optimize the use of social media
  • Proper social media behavior to always provide professional communications
  • Site-specific recommendations and tips, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

In addition, for social media instruction provided for specific companies, Deb works in advance with Compliance personnel to tailor her training and/or presentation for the organization.

Now everyone in the financial services industry can know the indispensable steps for using social media as an integral part of their marketing efforts. Additionally, this program may qualify for Continuing Education credits.

“Deb has extensive knowledge about utilizing social networking sites for business purposes and is adept at sharing that knowledge in an understandable and interesting presentation. I would recommend her seminar to anyone who would like to learn more about how to use technology to network professionally.”

 ~ Jan Reid, Compliance Officer, Clarion Mortgage Capital, Inc.

 “Thank you very much for your presentation at Hitachi Data Systems. I enjoyed listening to it, and your presentation style was inspiring. The content was good, especially statistical data and tips on networking sites. I have used LinkedIn before and you are right: online networking is a big part of our social life. It helps to grow business, promote yourself and communicate with your friends all over the globe.”

 ~ Larissa Bailley, Sr. Financial Analyst, Hitachi Data Systems