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Want a hands-on understanding of social media? Deb Krier is ready with a battery of instructive tools and best practices for individuals or organizations.
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Small Training

Professional Social Media Guidance

Social media presents huge advantages and risks, and its rapid rise has caught companies and organizations untrained and unprepared for each. When you want a more hands-on understanding of social media, Deb Krier is ready with a battery of instructive tools and best practices.

“Deb’s tips on how often to post, common mistakes to avoid, and how to build my network was invaluable. I was able to immediately apply the information.” ~ Kristi De Tienne, Senior Commercial Network Engineer, Comcast Cable

Individual Training

Your online presence is a critical part of your professional reputation. The distinction between “personal” and “professional” is blurring like never before. What would someone find about you if they search online? Will they find someone they want to work with or do business with? Or, will they find information that is questionable?

Keeping your information current is critical. It shows that you are up-do-date on technology and it’s a great way to demonstrate knowledge of your industry. It’s also a way to network and connect with far more people than ever before.

Keeping your social media channels up to date shows your commitment to and knowledge of your industry. With regularly shared content and fresh information, your social media presence acts as an online version of your professional self.

Whether you’re an online “newbie” or have been active on social media for years, Deb can help you present yourself in the best possible way.

Small Group and Corporate Training

Have a small group who would benefit from personalized social media training? Deb has specialized training programs for 2 to 4 hours of intensive learning. The participants can be business associates, co-workers or friends. Deb will tailor the training for the specific group members and their requirements. A minimum number of 5 participants is required.

Have a team, department or an entire business that would benefit from working with an expert in social media? Deb will train you and your staff on using social media for positive results, while avoiding the pitfalls.

She will show employees the best way to direct the power of social media to enhance your company’s sales and marketing efforts, as well as how to interact with customers and prospects. Every company and organization uses social media differently, so Deb tailors each consulting project to the client.

Deb also helps you look for new ways to use social media and will review your company’s social media policy.

Click here to contact her staff to schedule your own social media training or consulting sessions.


Download Deb’s most popular handouts.

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