Looking for presentations and workshops that are high-energy, high-content, educational and fun? Then look no further!

Deb Krier is a business professional whose goal is to provide substance-rich information coupled with practical tools in a memorable program.

Specializing in LinkedIn, Deb works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior executives to help them get their messages out to the people who need to hear it and to build their professional networks.

An award-winning entrepreneur, her background includes working in corporate America, nonprofit organizations, agencies. She’s also the host of The Business Power Hour® on C-Suite Radio and a survivor of Stage 4 cancer.  Deb brings a sense of humor as well as practical business knowledge to connect with her audiences on many levels.

As a LinkedIn Strategist, Deb specializes in helping senior executives, CEOs, and business owners utilize LinkedIn to create a strong personal brand.

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“Fun, informative, educational, motivating, entertaining.” These are just a few words used to describe Deb’s presentations. Whether she’s giving inspirational messages about surviving cancer or showing how to use social media to its fullest potential, audiences rave about her. Pack your next event with a sensational crowd-pleasing presentation by Deb Krier!


Life is an ongoing educational experience and when you throw in the ever-changing social media landscape, there is always an opportunity to learn more or become more proficient. Deb offers personalized coaching and training for individuals, groups and corporations. Sit down with an expert, explore ways to achieve your goals using social media, and create a plan to make it work for you. Deb will be there every step of the way!


With over 20 years of experience in public relations and marketing, Deb helps businesses use a wide-variety of tools to make their businesses as successful as possible. She specializes in using social media as a marketing tool and works with businesses to show them how to use these ever-changing and wide-reaching platforms to promote their business to reach their audience.

Radio Program

On The Business Power Hour on C-Suite Radio, twice a week Deb interviews the biggest names in business. She pushes them to expose their best practices and methods for success. Not only can she pick their brains, but she absorbs what they are saying so that she is always on the forefront of changes and capabilities. Tune in here to get a jump start of building – or improving – your business.

“Can I say that Deb Krier really knows how to be social? The reason I say that is because many “social media experts” know how to use the apps, know how to set up the pages etc. and yes, Deborah knows all that PLUS she is social. That’s a different kettle of fish. She understands the fundamentals of making true friendships and leveraging (in the nicest way) those friendships so everyone rises together. That’s above and beyond what most “social media types” know and do. Apart from the fact she’s a great radio host and interviewer, what appeals to me is that she embodies the whole concept of social – her knowledge, her skill AND her actions. A pleasure to work with and learn from.”

~ Angela Sutcliffe, Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting