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Click here to learn more about Deb’s passion project, tryingnottodie.LIVE. Her goal is to empower those dealing with cancer in any way to embrace their inner Warrior so that they build a tribe, energize their voices, and expand their choices.

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LinkedIn Strategist

LinkedIn is a critical tool for executives to connect with your peers and establish yourself as thought leaders. It’s your voice in the business world. A powerful LinkedIn Profile strengthens your professional reputation, as well as showcases your unique promise of value. With a strategic and powerful profile, you establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry while building a strategic professional network. Deb works with senior executives to create a commanding Profile that attracts the attention of colleagues, senior-level executives, and industry leaders. Click here to learn more about this specialized service Deb provides.

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Successful business leaders are continually learning. But who has the time to even figure out what they should be watching and reading, let alone actually watching and reading! That’s where The Business Power Hour® on C-Suite Radio comes in. Deb interviews the biggest names in business, picking their brains so they share their best practices and methods for success. More importantly, she asks the questions you’d ask if you could talk with them! She also absorbs what they are saying so that she is always on the forefront of changes and capabilities. Tune in here to get a jump start on improving– or building – your business.

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“Know, like and trust.” We’ve all heard these words and know that building relationships is critical to being successful in business. It’s all about people connecting with other people. With over 25 years of experience in public relations and marketing, Deb shows organizations how to use a wide-variety of tools to make these connections. She specializes in using social media as a marketing tool and works with businesses to show them how to use these ever-changing and wide-reaching platforms to reach their audience.

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“Fun, informative, educational, motivating, entertaining.” These are just a few words used to describe Deb’s presentations. Whether she’s giving inspirational messages about surviving Stage 4 cancer or showing how to use social media to its fullest potential, audiences rave about her. Whether online or in person, Deb’s presentations are ultimately about connecting with those around you, in both our personal and professional lives.

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Life is an ongoing educational experience and when you throw in the ever-changing social media landscape, there is always an opportunity to learn more or become more proficient. Deb offers personalized coaching and training for individuals, groups and corporations – in person or online. Sit down with an expert, explore ways to achieve your goals using social media, and create a plan that works for you.

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