Twenty-five or so years ago, Deb was going through the “what do I want to be” stage of her life. One advisor asked why she didn’t want to make a career out of what she liked doing as a hobby.She liked helping people with their marketing and public relations…and a career was born!

Deb’s experience includes event coordination, media and public relations, internal and external communications, crisis management, integrated marketing campaigns, brand management, website development, and community relations. After several years in corporate America, agencies and the nonprofit world, in 2002, she founded Wise Women Communications, LLC (WWC), an award-winning, full-service public relations and marketing firm.

In 2011, Deb was asked to be a guest on a program on Mile Hi Radio. Never being accused of being shy, she loved being a guest so much that she approached the station with having a program of her own. Initially focusing primarily on helping people learn the ins and outs of social media, The Business Power Hour now focuses on giving her listeners the tools they need to make their businesses successful and is part of the C-Suite Network.

Then, Deb was thrown a curveball in 2015. She went for her annual mammogram and got the dreaded “we need you to come back” call. Initially diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer, things changed when biopsies showed the cancer had spread and the diagnosis changed to Stage 4. Long story short, Deb suffered “catastrophic complications” from her first chemotherapy treatment. In 18 months, she spent over two months in the hospital and endured nine surgeries. The entire time, she continued to work and keep her sense of humor.

With her newfound “lease on life,” Deb continues to provide marketing, public relations and social media support for her clients. She loves providing keynote presentations, seminars and trainings on social media. She now excels in telling her story as a cancer survivor and showing that “the alternative was not acceptable.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Deb’s a member of the South Cobb Business Association, the Marietta Business Association, the West Cobb Business Association and What Women Want. She’s a past president of The Association for Women in Communications (Denver Chapter) and was honored as an Outstanding Woman of Achievement by AWC. She’s a past president of the University of Colorado Denver Buff Club and currently serves as a co-chapter leader for the Atlanta Chapter of the CU-Boulder Alumni Association. She has an MBA degree with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Colorado and an MS in communications management from Colorado State University.

“Deb is an amazing woman. She is everywhere online and knows so much about social media marketing. Her interviewing skills for Mile Hi Radio are fabulous and I always felt completely comfortable when being interviewed. I am completely confident that she can do anything she sets her mind to do. Thumbs up (as they say on Facebook and YouTube).”

~ Phyllis Khare, Online Marketing Strategist and Author