Since 2011, Deb has interviewed more than 400 business experts to provide the latest and greatest tips and tools for individuals and businesses to be as successful as possible. Deb is proud that her program is now part of the C-Suite Network. With listeners from around the world, the archive programs have been listened to over 129,000 times!

The Business Power Hour has its own website. Every program is archived there and the archives are searchable by guest or topic. If you think you’d be a great guest on the program, there’s a link to submit your information to be considered.

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“Deb is part of the new generation of media folks who are taking over as the traditional news networks decline. She has a great magazine format on her show that allows issues to be explored in depth, rather than just sound bites, and increasingly that’s what people want. You should listen in.”

~ John Kolm, CEO, Team Results USA