Deb has a wonderful time interviewing her guests on The Business Power Hour. However, she also enjoys being a guest on someone else’s program! Click here if you’re interested in having Deb on your podcast.

Deb was absolutely delighted when Michelle Hoglan asked her to be a guest on her podcast, The Boob Report. As you can guess, they didn’t talk business! They talked about the journey Deb has had in dealing with breast cancer. Click here for the entire interview. Deb is Episode #18.

On the JOYELY PODCAST, Sheryl Lynn engages the world’s top thinkers and doers in compelling conversations on the universal language of joy. Her guests present the keys that illuminate possibilities for accessing joy in our daily lives. She has refreshing conversations with CEO’s and top executives that are revealing, surprising and will undoubtedly leave you with a renewed sense of joy, inspiration and expansion of life.

Deb enjoyed talked with her about surviving and thriving with a cancer diagnosis – while still being an entrepreneur!

Click here to go to the podcast. Deb is interview #36.

Dr. Brigitte Bojkowsky, is the founder of BridgetBrands, a branding strategy boutique that unleashes brands’ full potential to make them shine, relevant and sticky. She is the producer and host of BrandsTalk, a podcast for Brand Lovers who want to dive into the world of brands and learn from brand stories.

Deb loved talking with her about the importance of creating a powerful and authentic personal brand, especially for business owners and those in the C-Suite.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Bacon Podcast

Brian Basilico is a syndicated blogger, podcaster, and a sought-after guest expert featured in Entrepreneur and Inc., magazines, His show “The Bacon Podcast” on iTunes was also voted one of Inc. Magazines top 35 business podcasts.

Brian and Deb talked about “Getting Strategic with Your Social Media.” Click here to listen.

Bacon Podcast

Deb was honored to be interviewed twice by Brian Basilico. In this episode, they discuss “How to Use LinkedIn to Look Sweet in the C-Suite.”

Click here to listen to the interview.

On this week’s episode of C-Suite Success Radio, Sharon Smith interviews Deb Krier, founder of Wise Women Communications, LLC (WWC), an award-winning full-service public relations and marketing firm. Deb shares stories about success and the obstacles along the way. From her lessons with cancer to dog shows you will learn how Deb defines success and the lessons she has learned to help you gain the edge you are looking for.

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Regardless of how you think about happy hour (some see it as going out with co-workers and some see it as being able to go home and check out) – either way, it’s really all the same. Some things MUST happen B4 happy hour can exist.

Deb was honored to be interviewed by host Lori Hibma twice for her podcast. Click each image to listed as they talk about how you can become a successful entrepreneur, how you can utilize social media for your brand or business, and more!

Click here to listen to Episode Ten and here to listen to Episode Eleven.

Deb had a fabulous time talking with Mitchell Levy, founder of Credibility Nation. Enhance your online reputation and rock solid leadership through an empowered LinkedIn profile. This episode features ThoughtLeader and Expert Deborah Krier, professional keynote speaker, LinkedIn strategist, social media trainer and advisor, national radio host/podcaster, and President of Wise Women Communications, LLC, a full service, award-winning marketing and public relations firm.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Deb and host Catherine Avery discuss the importance of connection and authenticity in business. We’re not talking about letting it all hang out here nor are we advising smarmy in your face marketing. People do business with other people. They want to know a little something about you, something they can connect to.

Deb takes us on her podcasting journey with the Business Power Hour on C Suite Radio. It’s clear she loves to learn about people as much as I do! I think that’s a podcasting thing.

We wrap up with how our cancer journeys have shaped our response to the current pandemic. You won’t want to miss this fun twisting ride with my wonderful upbeat new friend. No doubt you’ll be inspired!

Click here to listen to “Being Personable on LinkedIn, Podcasting and Avoiding the Debbie Downers.”


Friends on Hand
How many times have you had good friends bail on you in a moment of need? How many new ones showed up? In this episode we’re talking with the incredibly gregarious and fun Deb Krier about how her friend circles shifted during life-changing illness and recovery. Her insights are priceless for anyone going through major life change!
Click here to listen as Deb and host Nancy Hand have a great discussion about friendship!