A Peek into Deb’s Mind

Deb’s blog is a collection of her thoughts, musings and sometimes ramblings. Most posts are about business while some are about having cancer – and some may even  combine the two!

Please note that Deb is doing her best with any medical information provided – but it’s her personal thoughts and should never be relied on for medical advice. Also, many posts are her memories and may not be 100% accurate for a variety of reasons!

Three Tips for Building Relationships Offline

With all the different social media platforms available today, it’s easy to focus your marketing time there because it’s generally less time consuming to engage from your computer than it is to attend real-life functions and actually talk to people face-to-face. However, if you depend solely on social media for your marketing, you’re missing a…

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How Often Do Your Connections REALLY Want to Hear from You?

When it comes to relationship marketing and building solid business relationships with your audience, a certain amount of interaction is vitally important. But is there such a thing as too little or too much interaction? Let’s compare three different scenarios and audiences. Almost everyone has a long lost cousin, friend, or acquaintance who you only…

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No is not a bad word!

As I often say on The Business Power Hour, we only have 28 hours per day, and there’s never enough time to fit everything in that we need to get done! And, while there are more then 150 million articles about “time management” on Google, I think that one of the biggest reasons we have…

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What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

There’s a quote I’ve heard often: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.” After everything I’ve been through since my initial diagnosis for cancer, I must be tungsten by now. That’s the strongest natural metal. But to be honest, I definitely have days where I feel more like a…

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